Virtual Project Management

ARI – The most powerful, accurate virtual project management tool available!
ESD knows it is critical to receive real-time information and feedback from the floors. To answer that need, we built ARI, our virtual go-live project management tool that provides our clients with the up-to-the-minute data regarding adoption, issues, staffing and analytics – all readily available on mobile devices and desktop platforms.
Empower Your Go-Live Decision Making:
You can select the right EMR and the right implementation team, however you can be left feeling powerless if you don’t have the ability to view what is happening during the go-live in real time. ARI, our virtual go-live project management tool, provides you with up-to-the minute data regarding the progress, staffing, and analytics that can take hours to compile – all readily available on mobile devices and desktop platforms.
Make Real-Time Decisions Based On Powerful Data:
ARI, was built to empower our clients; engage you and your teams in the decision making progress, and provide an accurate inside look of the progress of the go- live. ARI, records data for statistical comparison so that data can be analyzed on a daily basis for adjustment and refinement to ensure the success of your implementation.
ARI Features & Benefits:
  • Live In-Depth Analysis From the Units
  • Helps to Understand Challenges by Providing Direct Insight into Specific Units, Modules and End User Type
  • Offers a Real-Time View of Unit/Location Coverage
  • Sends an SMS Text or Email when Resources are Being Reallocated
  • Chat in Real-Time with Project Managers
  • Provides the Ability to See Which Units Have the Most Traffic so Resources can be Re-allocated if Needed
  • Monitor Peak Hours of Support Needs
  • Tracks Trouble Tickets Throughout the Process
  • Delivery a Daily Work Schedule
  • Get Detailed Insights of the Project using Filters such as Date, Module, End User Type and Much More