Where and when you need it.

Providing large numbers of experienced go-live consultants to cover relatively short periods of intense support while staying on budget is a large task. Companies often say they carry such a huge effort, only to find they do not have the resources, the financial stability or the expertise to deliver.  Go-live is the moment of truth Рit is the critical time when end users take their first steps toward adopting your new system. The go-live must go well. Failure is not an option. After 25 years supporting the healthcare community, ESD has developed a deep understanding of the nuances of go-live. Our Activation Solution delivers a suite of comprehensive services, sophisticated tools and seasoned management team to ensure these complex initiatives are successful.

The ESD Activation Program Delivers:
  • Strategy and Planning for Complex Projects
  • Support Assessments for Optimal Go-Live Coverage
  • Team Customization, On-boarding and Delivery
  • Go-Live Staff Training and Orientation
  • Onsite 24/7 Project Management
  • Proprietary Go-Live Analytics and Scheduling Tools
  • Advanced Communication Process for Real-Time Info Sharing
  • Seasoned Go-Live Professionals, Including Peer-to-Peer Support for Providers
  • Full Scale, End-to-End Logistics Planning and Execution
  • Real-Time Financial Reporting
  • Optimization
ESD’s Concierge Approach To Reaching Providers:
  • Peer-to-Peer & Specialty-to-Specialty Support
  • Customized Strategies
    • Physician Resource Centers
    • SWAT Teams
    • Mobile Units
    • Specialty-Specific Training Tools
    • Communications
Master Scheduling and Resource Management:
  • Side-by-Side Project Management
  • Centralized Approach for Filling Gaps and Unexpected Demand
  • Daily Routine for Check In and Check Out
  • Master Schedule Development and Real-Time Management
    • Super Users, Vendor Staff and ESD ATEs