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“I believe most of the ESD consultants were nurses or other clinicians; that was the case when we worked with them. The consultants did a great job engaging with our physicians and other staff members and I think that had a big impact on the overall success of our project. We never had to explain anything to the ESD consultants because of their clinical background. They really knew our system right from the beginning.”
“ESD has been an essential part of our go-live playbook as we continue to roll out our EMR software upgrades and new clinical applications in our hospitals. The ESD resources are clinicians who are familiar with our organization’s procedures and processes. Because of that, our healthcare professionals value the resources assistance on implementing things like documentation and CPOE.”
“The project went well because we had a lot of our internal processes and the training we received here. ESD was able to come in and offer very good at-the-elbow support. They had a lot of project management and their on-boarding and off-boarding processes gave me enough visibility shift-by-shift to make some very difficult decisions. We were able to move our focus to the areas that needed help. Because of the way ESD structured their teams and because of their project management, we were able to move people around quickly.”
“I would like to speak to the quality of the resources that ESD provided. They were very knowledgeable, professional, put in a lot of hours, spent a lot of time and really meshed with our team to create a very positive dynamic that helped us through a lot of hours and a lot of time spent in development.”
“We had a selection committee, and I think they were impressed by ESD’s structure, organization and discipline, and methodology for support. ESD worked with us closely. They brought the total package for us and had the knowledge and the discipline. We checked their references and they were good. Everything was positive.”

“I would say the quality of the resources was probably the thing that impressed me most about ESD. They had people in just about just about every speciality area that I needed; not only in primary care but in multiple areas of internal medicine. So they had people that understood the workflows around that. They also brought them in early to help them get trained on our system so that when they hit the ground running here, they knew exactly what they were dealing with. They were familiar with our platform and our workflows. ESD put all that together on our behalf and that made it an incredibly successful engagement for us.”